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Dammann Merveilleux

Dammann Merveilleux


Merveilleux means wonderful in French, and that's exactly what this Dammann tea gift set is. A beautiful cylindrical gift box features 3 luxurious tins of Dammann tea, as well as an infuser for making the perfect cup of tea.

The teas include three special blends in elegant metallic tins:

  • Miss Damman, a green tea with ginger, lemon, and passion fruit that is "spirited and spicy like a Parisian mademoiselle
  • Grand Goût Russe, an intense black tea that blends the freshness of caviar lemon with the powerful fragrance of Calabrian bergamot
  • Altitude, a trio of teas from high-altitude regions. The blend of Darjeeling, Nepal, and Sikkim varieties is harmonious, refined, and sweet, with a hint of fruit

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