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Dammann Soleil Vert

Dammann Soleil Vert


Dammann Soleil Vert - Box of 100g

Green tea flavored with blood orange essential oil. A fresh and vegetal infusion with pleasantly
tangy fruity notes.
Dominant note : Citrus fruits
Type(s) of tea : Green tea

Main flavor : Orange
Net weight: 100 g
Packed in metal box.

  • Evidence-Based Benefits of Soleil Vert

    1. They’re Rich in Vitamins and Plant Compounds: Citrus fruits are very nutritious, offering a host of vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that help keep you healthy. 
    2. They’re a Good Source of Fiber: Citrus fruits are good sources of soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and aids digestion.
    3. Are Low in Calories: Citrus fruits and green tea May lead to increased weight loss. It may be particularly effective at reducing the dangerous abdominal fat. May help prevent cardiovascular disease. 
    4. Green tea may lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, as well as protect the LDL particles from oxidation. Studies show that people who drink green tea have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. 
    5. May help prevent type 2 diabetes: Some controlled studies show that green tea may cause mild reductions in blood sugar levels. It may also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.
    6. May reduce bad breath: The catechins in green tea may inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of bad breath.

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